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12/17/02: Welcome to my site. This place is basically a posting of my stories. Follow the links below to read them.

Well I'm back at school and I'm almost done with the first semester. So that means only about half a year left to go.

Again, if you have any questions over my stories, or if you just want to say "hello". you can always e-mail me at

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Welcome Everyone

Here's what I have to offer. Hopefully by now you know that this page is a place where you can find some stories that I wrote. They aren't the best but hopefully I'll get around to making some more you you all.

Page One.
This page is where my normal stories are found. These are all short stories but they are also my favorites. There is also a few that are just some collection I have made.

Page Two.
This is my second page of stories. Right now all it has on it is a few poems and my College lab reports. Please take a look and let me know how you feel about them.

Weekend Stories.
The stories on this page are all three part stories. I've been doing one a week for a while now. They were originally written for my friends so they all contain some "inside jokes" but they are still enjoyable to all. I must say this though. If you are offended by senseless violence and cheap humor, you may not like these.

About Me.
Now perhaps you've read some of my stuff and would like to know about me. I don't see why you would but hey, if they can put a bit about the author in books, why can't I put one here. There's a picture of me there in case you care.

My Links.
Finally, if you've checked out my site and you've decided to move on check out my links. I've got links to my friend's pages and a few sites that interested me. It's not much but I like it.

Hey, kids, the guest book has now moved to the top of the page for easier viewing. Sorry. That means there is nothing below here but my hit counter. So please, if you haven't already go up to the guestbook and sign in.

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