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Where are my pants?

Friends Sites

These are the links to the homepages of my friends. Hopefully I will be able to expand it soon. I need more friends, or at least one's with homepages.

This is my friend Russ's page. He recently switched address, and forgot to tell me. However, hopefully his new page will be better than the last one.

I said I would and so it is...I have new friends. First off is Nick. Nick is a crazy guy I met a few years ago. We've never been the type of friends that hang out outside of school, but we still love him. So check out ϩK N Hϧ Mϫ.

Hey, I've got a new friend. This is a girl I met at Beatlefest 2000. She's a real nice person so I think everyone should go check out her Homepage. Check her out at
Amanda's really old Website that she's trying to improve!

I feel like this site is required to be listed here. It's Mel's, my girlfriend's, homepage. She's finally got it fixed a bit. I think she's planning to do more, but I'm not sure when. It's Mel's page.

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Great Sites

As you can see by the heading, this section is for sites that I like. Right now I don't have many to add, but as I find sites that interest me I'll add them.

The first one is for one of the greatest bands in the world. Gimpy!!! Gimpy is a band from Iowa City. They are one of the greatest groups I have ever heard. I've been to several of their shows, and I recently got "Gimpy with Sparkles" and their early demo tape. So please check out their site and see why they are so great.

You can find more links to local bands here. On that page is a list of all the area bands I can find.

This one is for the Adam Sandler web page. I really like Adam Sandler. This page it alright, but hopefully I'll be able to find some better ones later.

This page isn't one I'd concider great, but I didn't know where else to put it. Anyways, I went to here for two years. This page does have some nice information and resorces (especialy Quadlinc for those of you in Iowa). Also some of the teachers homepages provide links to sites dedicated to their area of teaching. So here is the MCC homepage.

Now I'm going to Upper Iowa University. So if you want to learn more about my school go to

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Web Help

This section is for pages that I used to make my page. In addition it is also used to list any pages that offer helpful tips on making web pages, offer images, or offer any other help. If you know of any pages that you think should be listed here, please send them my way.

In the spirit of ever expanding, and trying to be more user friendly, I've devided this site up even more.

I now have a page dedicated just to sites that offer html help.

I also have a page dedicated to sites that offer free graphics for your web page.

It's open now. I have the start of my page for "free extras". Right now it only has a few hit counters listed, but I'm working on more Free Stuff.

Submitted Pages

This section is for pages submitted by viewers. If you share some common interest, such as music, or what-not, click here and fill out my form to send me your web page address. If I like your page, and it fits into the content of my page, I'll add you to this section.

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