This is a page for links to local bands. This way you don't have to scroll through all my other links to find them.

First up is Gimpy. They are still listed on the main page, but I think they deserve to be listed twice.

I was recently pointed by a friend (thanks Dan) to a site called Trippin Gentlemen. This is a site put up by one of the locals (Jeff Ruffner). Basically it's a place to talk about the local concert events.

Hardcore / Grindcore / Fucked up shit

I'm not a huge fan of hardcore music, but I do love to go to the shows. Plus this page is for all the bands in the area, so I don't think I should exclude anyone.

Confuct is one great hardcore band from Muscatine. Sadly they broke up. However, save your tears, for their homepage is still up and you can at least find out about the former band right here!

Now we move on to a Grindcore band called Defaced. I've been to a few of their shows. I must say, even though I'm not a big fan, these guys do have a great deal of talent. So visit Defaced.

On to yet another hardcore band. Perish as Fools! I've seen them a few times. They a nice band, but their web page does take a bit too long to load on my slow computer... Oh well.

Rock, Punk, Whatever you call it

Next is a local band called Septic. Septic has been around for a long time, and they deserve to be. But even though they deserve to be, they still broke up a long time ago, but hey at least they still have a Homepage. Check out their page at Septic's homepage.

More to Come

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