Brothers of the Millennium

I didn't sleep much that last night. All I could do was think of my mission. I was told people would praise me and hail my heroics. In retrospect, it was odd, no one had ever said that to me before. It seemed foolish but I believed it.

It was nearly a month ago when Father James came to me to tell me I'd been selected for this mission. You see, I am Brother Phil of the "Brothers of the Millennium". Father James had been shown a vision from God and he had brought us all together. Father James' vision had shown him that at the start of the new millennium the institutes of technology would "release upon the Earth, minions of the devil, built by man, to destroy man". Father James was show the light. It was our mission to stop the devils helpers from releasing these "Robots of Destruction". Father James told me God had revealed to him that I was to do the next mission. I was deeply honored. My target was one of the many research labs across the nation. It could have been anyone of them, so the exact sight doesn't matter. My task was to walk into the lobby of this lab. I was to go to the front desk and set my bag down and run out as quickly as possible. You see, inside my bag was enough explosives to scorch the whole lobby.

The goal was not to kill anyone, however it would not be a surprise if it did. After all they were doing the devils work, and deserved whatever came to them. Father James told us God had revealed to him that "Through bursts of flame, the wicked shall be tamed." We all knew that these "attacks" wouldn't destroy much. Then again, they weren't meant to. They were meant to make the people stop, and think. For it was as Father James had said, "The blackness of there hearts will be cleared away and the eternal light of God will shine upon them." So I knew it was my duty to God when Father James told me of my mission.

I spent a month with Father James and Brother Mark. They thought me how to set up my explosives. The whole package was broken into several parts. This way it could be smuggled easier. All I had to do was assemble it that morning, set the timer, and plant the bomb. The time had finally come for me to deliver my package.

I sat in my hotel room and took out all the various parts. I assembled all the parts the night before, but I left the tricky wiring until the morning. I then went to bed.

After four hours of counting sheep I still hadn't so much as closed my eyes. So I stayed up the rest of the night. I kept thinking of little bits of wisdom like Brother Mark's "Violence is not the key, but rather the cage that holds us." I also thought of MacBeth's "If it t'was done when 'tis done, then best it t'was done quickly." By the morning I had lost most of my confidence in my mission, but I knew it was God's plan for Father James had said so. I knew my thoughts of not following through with my mission were due to my lack of sleep and the devil playing with my head.

I got up from where I had been sitting for the last several hours. I went to the wash-room and got cleaned up for the occasion. I put on my nicest suit and walked back into the room. I took the package and set it on the table. As I sat down all of Brothers Marks instructions came back to me. I remembered everything perfectly. I began to connect the wires exactly like he had instructed me to do. I was unimaginably tired. I finally finished attaching the wires and wiped the sweat from my brow. I set the timer to the pre-marked position. The suddenly I saw a bright flash of light. Brother Mark had said nothing of this. I thought "Et tu" and was gone...

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