Sorry, No Title...Yet.

I'm finaly getting around to posting this new story. Once I've got it done I will think of a title and post a better introduction for the story.

This story is about a small island that is divided into two coutries. The two countries are at war with each other. They and had been locked into a war that had laid waste to most of the land. Large percents of the population were killed in the devistation. Then the two lands came together to solve the war once for all. They were taking ten years of peace in order to rebuild their countries and their armies.
After the ten years of peace the war would start again, but with a twist. Each family would have it's own "family crest" and would be required to wear it. The war would then resume like a giant game of capture the flag or other similar event. If a persons family crest is taken from them they are considered dead.
This may sound like a giant game but it is deadly serious. The winner of this "game" is given total control of the island. Each side wants to win. Who will win? Is this new warefare better or worse than the old way? Perhaps the answers will be found in this tale...

Chapter One

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