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As I'm sure you all know by now, my stories are located on this page. However to keep the page from getting to big I have started a second page. I have also worked to make this page a little easier to navigate.

This page is dedicated to all the teachers who told me I couldn't write the way I do. I may not be popular, but at least my stories are easy to read. More importantly this page is dedicated to those who have encouraged me, and those who take the time to read my stuff, thanks...I love you all.

You've Gotta Wonder What If...
Personal Writtings

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What is all this?

That's a very good question. Basically I enjoy writing little stories. Most of them are bad, but some aren't. So in order to make my web-page a little more interesting I have decided to add some of my stories to this site. The links below will take you to my stories. Please write back to me and tell me what you think. I would also like any praise, or complaints, as well as any ideas you may have for a topic for some of my writings. You Can send any messages to me at Thank you and enjoy.

You Gotta Wonder...What If

This section is for a series of stories I wrote (ok ok, it's only two, but I hope to have more someday). The first one explains the basic concept a little bit and I hope after reading it you'll understand how it works. With that said, I'm going to quietly slip in my shameless plea, Send me an E-mail if you have any ideas you'd like to see put into one of these stories. I'll gladly give you credit for the idea if you give me one.

Up first is the original "You Gotta Wonder...What if". This story was written a few years ago. Some people have found it funny, but I'll let you decide for yourself
You Gotta Wonder...What If.

This is the second "You Gotta Wonder...What If". This one was written in a very short time. I just made it up off the top of my head with the suggestions of some friends. Basically it sucks compaired to the first one. This one is about what would happen if you suddenly ran and slide across a cafeteria table on your stomach for no reason. Unfortuatly you can't read it yet...sorry.
You Gotta Wonder What If Too.

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Personal Writting

Well, here it is. The collection of stories from the mind of me. all written and inspired by me.

Here it is. The story I've been promising for a while now. It's Called The Night I Died. But dispite it's name it is a little bit more cheerful than some of the things I've written in the past. I hope you like it.

Another one of my newest works. I wrote this one day, but it wasn't as good as I wanted it. I would appriciate any suggestions you my have to offer. New Story.

This is a story I wrote here at UIU in about an hour. This is the first draft, so let me know if there are any big errors in it. It's called The Trip.

Now I've got a fairly new story for you all. This is part of my somewhat, long awaited story. So far it has no title. However I have gotten some good comments about the first chapter. This version is the very rough draft. I would really like to hear any comments, good or bad, that you may have about it.
New, Untitled Story

This one is a story I worte about my ex-girl friend. It's not a mean story if thats what you're looking for. Oh, one more thing, I'm finally ready to talk about the story so if you've read it and you have any questions just ask and I'll try to answer it for you.
My story about Her.

This story is called "Brothers of the Millennium". It's a story about a guy in a cult. If you have any problems understanding how my referals to Shakespear fit into the story (or if you want to give me your opinion), I believe I have mentioned my e-mail address several times.

Finally is my Sci-fi story I started a few years ago. I still need to edit it. However, I know some of you are a bit tired of waiting. So, for you this is a little teaser. It's a little bit about why I wrote the story and a part of the first chapter. It's not much but it's a start.
Unidentified Contact.

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This is a section I put up for things that I didn't write myself. Most of these will be collections of items I've put together.

First up is a collection I started a while ago. It's a list of one line jokes and sayings that may make you laugh, they may make you cry, but they will certainly make you think...a little.
One liners.

Next is a new collection I'm working on. It's a nice collection of palindromes. Some are very funny, especially the ones that form senteces that actually sound normal, like the one below.
"Able was I 'ere I saw Elba".

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