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The Weekend Story...

Here's the story. One weekend I wrote a story and sent it out in three parts over the course of the weekend (Fri., Sat. and Sun.). Now I've started a tradition of a new story every weekend. They are actually really horrible stories, but they may make you laugh, and that's the whole purpose. Have Fun!

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4-21/23: This is the first weekend story. It's a story about me and a friend getting in a deathmatch. So far it's probably the funniest one of all my weekend stories, but maybe someday I'll make a better one.
Russ vs. Charlie Deathmatch.

4-28/30: This is the sequal to last weekends story. In this one our kids have grown up and now want to get revenge for their fathers deaths by fighting each other in a deathmatch.
Russ vs. Charlie Deathmatch: The Next Generation.


5-5/7: This story is now avalible. I've been busy this weekend so this story is a little short and poorly written, but that's the way we like them. This one involves our pets fighting for revenge which is why it's called:
Russ vs. Charlie Deathmatch: When Animals Attack

5-12/14: Oops! Friday's part got delayed but the rest of the story got written alright. In fact I finished a day early. This story is a tag-team of sorts. It's about our parents fighting, which is why we like to call it:
Russ vs. Charlie Deathmatch: Two Heads Are Better Than One

5-19/20: Ok, I'm sorry again. I didn't get Saturdays's part out until Sunday. I also messed up with part of it. If you have found the patterns yet you notice it, if not, Oh, well. This one is about our Grandma's fighting.
Russ vs. Charlie Deathmatch: Geriatric Park

5-26/28: This isn't a very good way for me to end the month, but it looks like I forgot to write a story. I'm not even going to try to write on now. I hope you can forgive me. I'll try to do better next week. Sorry again.


6-2/4: Sorry about last weekend. I hope this story makes up for that. This one is about our genetic clones coming back to settle this battle once and for all.
Russ vs. Charlie Deathmatch, Clones

6-9/11: I've done it again. I managed to write yet another deathmatch story. This one is fairly good in my opinion but yet it's a bit strange. Nobody is really sure why my friends Dan and Josh are fighting, which is why it's called...
Russ vs. Charlie Deathmatch, Ambiguous Stimulation

6-16/18: Here come one more story. You might call it the Fathers Day Edition. However it has nothing to do with fathers. It's really about my sister and Russ's imaginary sister.
Russ vs. Charlie Deathmatch, Sisterly Love

6-23/25: This is the last story for this month. I was having trouble coming up with an idea until a friend suggested this. So here comes one about our cousins
Russ vs. Charlie Deathmatch, Family Ties


7-1/3: The first Deathmatch of the month, and it's a small one. This one is about about our children's twin brothers. Be sure to look at the title for the second part. It was suggested by Rebecca.
Russ vs. Charlie Deathmatch, The Terrifying Twins

7-7/9: This is another match between a couple of my friends. I think that is why I had to recycle the title. This time the victims are my friends Jeff and Carlos. Check it out.
Russ vs. Charlie Deathmatch, Ambiguous Stimulations Two

7-14/16: Sorry, this weeks story got delayed a day. My computer was acting up so I had to make it sit in the corner all day. But no fear, the story is here now. This one is about my assistant manager from work fighting with the assistant manager of another store I used to work at. I hope you like it.
Russ vs. Charlie Deathmatch, Workplace Antics

7-21/23: Guess what. No story this weekend. I needed the time off. If you are one of the lucky people who get's the stories e-mailed to you then I hope you like my substitue. If you're not one of those people. Too bad! You have to be getting the stories e-mailed to you in order to get the little extras that come with it.


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