Welcome to the second page of stories. I can't believe that I've made up enough stories to need a second page. So what can you expect to find here? Well just read below and you'll find the following.

Lab Reports
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My Poetry

This first section is for my poems. Now I should mention that I don't write much poetry so don't expect too much. Basically I wrote this first one and I decided to post it and I hope to write more later so I made a section just for it.

The first one is called Hollow on the Inside with a Shell made of Stone. It's about nothing really, well actually it is about something, but you need to figure that out for yourself, I don't like giving too much away...It's called critical reading skills....

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My Lab Reports

This section is for any of you out there who are tired of my fiction. These are all factual, lab reports that I did on my own in school. This is also for those of you who are interested on what it is I do. Because these experiments were done locally and cannot be reproduced exactly, I don't feel the need to warn anyone against plagerism, so enjoy.

This first one is the first lab report I did. It's an Environmental Analysis report for four different communities withing the Volga River Recreation Area.

The second one was is a community analyis lab. It was over Plant Communities.

This new one is over Fruit Fly genetics. It was the only paper I had to do for my Genetics class so I hope you like it.
Genetics Lab Report

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