DM10: Terrifying Twins

When a particular family is see often in the public eye, it seems to most people that they have no secrets. However, some families are able to keep their secreats hidden very well. The families of Russ and Charlie have been hiding one important thing from each other. Both Russ and Charlie were the fathers of twin sons. Russ Jr. and Charlie Jr. were both killed by each other some years ago. Now the two families have decided to reveal to the world that there exists another heir to their thrones.

The sons of Russ and Charlie were smuggled away at a young age and hidden with monks who live in an old derilict building in west harlem. The boys grew up not knowing of their families rivalry. The monks trained the boys to fight. Although the monks themselves had vowed never, to get involved. They also knew that this family feud must be resolved. The Deathmatch was the only way to solve this fight.

When the boys had reached the end of their training the monks began to finish their quest. The childeren were each taken their seperate ways. Each boy was given a teacher who told them of the bitter rivalry between their family and their opponents. The monks told them how the other family had savagly butchered their relitives and forced them to live in exile. The seed was planted. The tree of hated was growing. It's branches were strong and plentiful.

These two young men were now ready to kill each other. The monks were almost done.

To stage a deathmatch has been illegal since the beginning of man. Murder and killing are seen as a mark of the downfall of human civilization. To prevent murder, is seen as being the same as saving the natural order of the world. Therfore the monks could not set up a deathmatch without breaking the law. However, sparing, in a purely competitive manner, is very routin for these monks. The plan was set.

The two sons of our fabled heros were drawn into the ring to melee with each other. The monks knew this would be a fight to the death, but they pretended not to know.

The fighters faced each other. On one side stood a man some knew as..............Tim, son of Russ. Across from him stood a the man known as Abbot, son of Charlie. The men bowed to each other, then to the referee. Finally they turned to face each other and the fight would begin soon.

To Be Continued...

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