DM10: Drunk As a Skunk in a Monastary

Tim and Abbot eyed each other for a second then the fight began. Tim started the fight by inching his way towards Abbot. Then with a force brought on by his anger, he back-handed Abbot across the cheek. Abbot had never been in a real fight before. They had practiced before but this was different. There was no holding back. The blow sent him down to the mat. Abbot knew that this time noone would step in and end this fight. Nobody was keeping score. He had to win, or die trying.

Abbot kicked his legs out and placed one leg in front and one leg behind Tim. Abbot placed the front leg near Tim's ankle and with the other leg he kicked Tim in the back of the knee. This move dropped Tim to his knees.

Tim fell to his knees then face first into the mat. Abbot struck him on the back to the head, but not very hard. It was still hard for him to realize that this was not just some practice match but a Deathmatch.

Tim felt how weak the hit was. He figured that his opponent was weak as well. This type of thinking can get a person killed in a deathmatch. It also gives a person confidence. With confidence on his side, Tim rolled away from Abbot and got up to his feet. Tim reached into his back pocket and pulled out a pair of scissors. With the scissors held up Tim charged. Abbot had no choice at first, except to flee.

The monks had had the ring surrounded so that nobody could escape. The solution to his problem suddenly came to him after their third trip around the ring. The whole time Tim had been swinging the scissors like a mad-man. Abbot waited until Tim had raised his weapon over his head. As Tim prepared to plung the scissors into Abbots head the move was made.

As Tim brought his arm down, Abbot reached up and caught him at the wrist. Then he pulled on Tim's arm and brought him forward, and off balance. Next, with is outside leg, Abbot kneed Tim in the ribs. The blow forced Tim to let go of his weapon. While Tim was still gasping for air, Abbot pushed him back into the row of Monks standing gaurd. Just like a disiplined mosh pit the monks pushed Tim back into the ring. From there the move was like some bad wrestling match. Abbot stuck out his arm to "Clothes-Line" Tim as he came by. That was how it was supposed to go.

As Tim neared Abbot he gained his wits again. Tim grabbed Abbot's arm and turned his back to him. With one leg he reached back and caught Abbot's leg. This help to bring Abbot up into the air and pull him over.

Abbot landed flat on the ground. He had learned how to take a fall without getting hurt, so he still had his breath and his wits. That all changed when Tim punched him in the face.

Throught the blood and tears Abbot rolled off into his corner. Tim staggered back to his corner. He was tired. He needed to get a quick rest and think on how he was going to beat this opponent.

To Be Continued...

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