DM10: The Misguided Monks

Abbot kneeled down on the mat and wiped his face. His nose hurt and he couldn't help but wonder if it was broken. Tim wasn't hurting nearly as much and Abbot, but that would change. This fight would end soon, and one must fall.

Abbot stood up slowly, keeping his eyes on Tim the whole time. Tim watched him stand. In his mind he was dareing Abbot to make a move. He was sure he could win this fight easily. Abbot wasn't that great of a fighter.

Abbot figured that he had one chance to make a good move. After that he would probably be too tired to fight very well. The move he thought would give him the greatest effect was called the "Creasent Kick". This was a simple move he had learned in practice. It was one of the easiest kicks for him to do. It would also give him a chance to even the score with Tim.

Abbot jumped to his feet and ran at Tim. When he was within a few feet he brought his leg up and over, bringing his foot right across Tim's face. Tim felt the blow and then he went blank. He didn't really pass out but he was knocked hard.

As Tim fell to the ground he did a leg sweep on Abbot and brought him down as well. Abbot hit his head hard.

The two fighters hurrined to their feet, but Abbot was the first to make it up. As Tim came up Abbot grabbed his arm and bite down hard. Tim's arm was left bleeding from the teeth marks cut into his forearm. From that point on the fight was a desperate battle. Both men punched, kicked, and scratched with all the anger and pain they could muster. That's when it happened. In the middle of all this pain.

Extream stress can sometimes make people discover things within themselves that they didn't know they possesed. This can sometimes include great powers. Abbot's twin brother had searched the world over trying to discover the powers inside him. The truth is that it only takes the right timeing and the right situation to bring these powers into view. That's what happened for Tim. Tim the enchanter. During the fight Tim had been wishing that he had someway to kill Abbot. Some type of gun, or bomb. Then during the last few minutes of the fight, and explostion when off. The monks all dropped to the ground, not knowing what was going on. Abbot and Tim were locked in a bitter struggle. Abbot was forced to keep fighting, even though he didn't know what had just happened. Tim knew what was going on. He had made the explosion. He didn't know how he did it, but he had done it. Now all he had to do was learn to control it better. This wasn't the best place to learn, but it would have to do.

Tim began to consentrate on these explostion. He tried to focus on the location of his enemy and then wish for an explosion in that spot. The problem was that Abbot was not going to stand still. Therefore Tim had to try a carpet bombing style. Soon blasts were going off all over the place. Most of the monks fled the building to escape the destruction. Abbot fought to make his way towards Tim. That way if he died, so would Tim. Tim kept trying to learn how he was controling this new force, while also working to destroy his opponent.

The blasts rocked the building. Soon the whole place was starting to burn. The explosions kept coming. It was too late now. The monks realised what they had done. Several of the monks were dead, because they couldn't escape the building fast enough. Those that remained watched as the building was blasted apart. Soon the blasts stopped but the fire was out of control now. In a matter of minutes the remains of the building collapsed to the ground. They all knew it was over. Both men were dead, and nothing had been gained. The monks preyed for forgiveness while the fire burned. In the morning the fire would die down and all would be forgotten.

The End.

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