DM11: Living By the Sword

The foot steps from inside could be heard growing louder, and faster in pace. Something was wrong. That's when it became clear in my mind. Carlos was mad. Almost as soon as I realized this in my mind it became clear to all of us.

Carlos came crashing through the door. Parts of the broken door went flying in every direction. I dropped to my knees at the base of the steps. My friend dove face first onto the ground. Jeff was not so lucky. Jeff had still been standing in front of the door when this all happened. As Carlos came crashing through the door he slammed into Jeff's body. The impact sent the two soaring over the steps and my head. They came to a hard landing on the sidewalk in front of Carlos' house. They struggled with each other as they rolled about on the ground. When they finally came to a stop they were across the street.

Jeff had gained the upper hand for now. He got to his feet and pulled Carlos up with him. Jeff shoved Carlos back against the car. Now he could see why Carlos was so enraged and able to break through doors with relative ease. Carlos' eyes showed that he was "Cracked out". Jeff didn't know if he was on drugs or suffering from some form of mental illness, but something was not right.

Jeff had his hands on Carlos' shoulders trying to keep him steady and on his feet. Suddenly Carlos stood up straighter than before and started to fight again. Carlos brought his hand up between Jeff's arms and then pushed them apart in order to break Jeff's grip. Carlos then grabbed Jeff's shoulders and lifted him into the air. This was some accomplishment to see, given the height difference between the two men.

Jeff's body came slamming down on top of the hood of his car. The impact left a large dent in the hood and a great pain in his back. Jeff rolled off to the side of the car. He was now completely on the other side of the street from where this had all began. He knew that Carlos would soon be coming around the corner. If he didn't act now it would all be over then. As Jeff saw Carlos' body start to appear from the front of the car he made the only move he could. Jeff reached into the pocket of his now dirty jeans and retrieved and "Gay Porn Mag". Jeff quickly opened it to a center-fold picture and turned it around to face Carlos. The site was almost enough to make Carlos sick.

Feeling ill from the picture in Jeff's "Gay Porn involving Old Men", Carlos made a speedy withdraw. He ran quickly back across the street, but Jeff was close behind.

As I saw the two coming closer I crept back into the shadow of the porch. My other friend had also done the same. We wanted to stay as far away from this fight as possible. We watched as the pale looking Carlos reached the foot of the steps to his house. Jeff was right on his heels.

As Carlos got close to the steps, Jeff kicked at his feet and tripped him. Carlos was weak from the pictures and it didn't take much to make him fall over. When he fell, Carlos hit his head on one of the steps. For a minute it look as if this fight might be over.

Jeff waited a minute before kneeling down to check on Carlos. I think he wanted to make sure there weren't going to be any surprises. However, as surprise is exactly what he got. As Jeff leaned closer to Carlos to check for a pulse and to see if he was breathing, Carlos attacked for a third time.

We watched in horror as Carlos jumped up and bite Jeff with his "Big Pointy Teeth". Carlos drove his teeth deep into Jeff's leg. Jeff screamed in pain. He looked to my friend and me as if to say "Help Me" but help him we couldn't. If we got involved that would make the fight unfair. One thing a Deathmatch must never be is unfair. Sadly we could only watch and wait.

Through the pain Jeff clutched Carlos' head in his hands and began to bash it against the steps. Jeff tried for almost three minutes to break Carlos' jaw from it's clenched position. Finally Carlos let go. With the hold he had on Jeff this release must have been voluntary. Jeff didn't care though. He was free for now.

Jeff jumped to his feet and limped to the curb and leaned against one of the car's parked along the street. Carlos reclined back against the steps and wiped some of the blood from the edges of his mouth. This fight would end soon enough

To Be Continued...

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