DM11: Fiendish Friends

Jeff rested his hand on a car that was parked along the street. His leg was bleeding from the bite Carlos gave him. Carlos still remained in his reclined position on the steps. During this time me and my friend had moved up next to the house. We kept our bodies hidden around the corner of the porch but we still had to watch. We couldn't keep our eyes off of the scene before us.

Carlos pulled a pair of spiked cuffs out of his pocket. He normally only wore them when he went to concerts but now he wore them for a fight. This was going to make it hard for Jeff to get a good hold on Carlos.

Jeff now made a critical choose. He decided to go on the attack. Jeff started to walk back over to Carlos. Then suddenly he turned and began to run as fast as he could back across the street. As he ran Jeff pulled out his keys. Without missing a beat Jeff tore open his car door and jumped in. He cranked the engine over and slammed the car into gear. Carlos was still sitting on the steps. He figured Jeff was running away. He was wrong. Jeff dropped the lead on the gas pedal. The tires screeched and smoked rolled up from under the car and he took off. Jeff cranked the wheel over and aimed the car directly at Carlos. Carlos saw what was going on now. He started to rise when Jeff arrived.

Jeff's car was still accelerating when it hit the steps. The noise was horrible. Me and my friend ran as far as we could in order escape the crash. We didn't see much of the crash because of our attempt to flee. What we did catch was this.

The car came slamming into the steps with a lot of force. The car was lifted off of the ground. Pieces of wood from the porch went flying in every direction. It looked as if Carlos had been hit by the car. His body was flung on top of the car and then rolled off to the drivers side of the car. We were on the passengers side so we couldn't see him get up. Carlos did get up though.

We couldn't' tell, at the time, if he was hurt or dead but we soon got our answer. He was pissed. While on the ground Carlos had lit himself a cigarette. Jeff was dazed a little from his crash. Carlos took advantage of this weakness. He stood up and punched his hand through the car's window. In his other hand was the cigarette which he stuck into Jeff's arm. The burning in his arm brought Jeff back to the "Land of the Living".

Jeff jerked his arm away from the smoldering cigarette. In a panic, he reached for the handle to the door and gave it a kick. The door stuck at first. After a second kick the door popped open and clubbed Carlos in the legs. Carlos fell to the ground.

Jeff was still dazed and obviously in pain from the car crash. He staggered out of the car and stood over Carlos' body. It was time to end this for good. Carlos would be able to harm nobody again after this.

Jeff knelt down and put his knee into Carlos' side to prevent him from getting up and continuing to fight. From one of his other pockets Jeff pulled out his "Wal-Mart Box Cutter". As Jeff extended the blade out to the cutting position he drew in a deep breath.

Carlos suddenly snapped into contiousness. He felt Jeff's knee pushing him to the ground. Carlos had to use his "Spiked Cuffs". With the motion of a back-handed slap, Carlos forced his spikes into Jeff's neck. Jeff had taken enough Anatomy classes to know his vein was hit. His blood may have left the heart but it wouldn't' return. Most of his blood was pouring out from his wounds. Jeff felt himself grow weaker. With the last bit of strength he had left, Jeff slipped his box cutter's blade along Carlos' throat. He hoped it was enough to kill Carlos as well. Then Jeff's body went limp.

Carlos sat up quickly as he pushed Jeff's body off from on top of him. He clasped his hands around his neck to stop the bleeding, but it was too late. He could tell that he wasn't going to make it. With nothing to gain by prolonging the pain, Carlos released his grip on his own neck. The blood flowed freely until there was nothing left. Carlos and Jeff were now victims of the vitious Deathmatch.

Me and my friend stepped out of the shadows where we were hiding. It was over. We stared at each other and the two bodies before us. This all seemed so unreal. We knew there was no point in calling the cops. The neighbors would take care of that. My friend and I turned and began to walk down the street. The car was in ruins so we would have to walk home. Tomorrow everything would be like normal minus Jeff and Carlos, but I don't think anyone will notice.

The End.

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