DM12: Workplace Antics

People make many connections with other people throughout their lives. In one's life a person may meet thousands of people and each leaves a mark on that person. The person in question also leaves their mark on each person they meet. More often than not these marks are small and go unnoticed. However, sometimes, these marks can have a deep and long lasting effect. This is a story of two people who's lives were changed by the people they met.

Russ and Charlie, our fallen heros of day gone by, both share a similar history. Charlie has often been called the "Produce Demi-God". He has over three years experience at three different produce departments. He has had the chance to effect many peoples lives. It is Charlie's last job that we will focus on for now.

Charlie was last working at Wal-Mart. The person whom Charlie effected the most there was probably Maria. Maria is Wal-Mart's assistant produce manager. Maria has just over a years worth of experience which had lead to many conflicts between Charlie and her. Maria and Charlie could not be more different if they tried. Many of you readers are familiar with Charlie. So what of Maria? Maria is a short Mexican woman. She often starts talking in spanish when she wants to yell at Charlie for doing a horrible job. The different personalities of Maria and Charlie had lead to many arguments in the past. The stress of the job had also effected Maria in a negative way. A combination of stress and arguments with Charlie had given Maria an extream tendency towards violence.

Charlie used to work at a store called Hy-Vee. Now however, we focus on Russ. Russ also used to work at Hy-Vee. After a long time away, working at various different jobs, Russ returned to Hy-Vee. His goal was to be like Charlie in everyway. He had started his second time around in produce. The assistant manager at Hy-Vee was a guy by the name of Gary. Gary had also worked with Charlie at Hy-Vee and Econo. This experiece with Charlie had given Gary a violent streak. Gary was an older man. He also had a wonderful attitude toward work and people in general. For those of you who have not meet Gary I recomment you pay him a visit.

All grocery stores "comp" the competitors store. Hy-Vee and Wal-Mart are no exceptions. It was during these comping trips that Maria and Gary had meet. Through the limited conversations they had they had develop a hatred for each other. Gary was somewhat attached to Charlie. They had worked together at two different stores and were friendly competitors as of recent time. Maria was not friendly, nor did she like Charlie. It was this difference that brought Maria and Gary to their fate.

Gary and Maria had built up a lot of anger toward each other. At first it was about work. They were competitors, they weren't supposed to like each other. But, now it was deeper. It went down to their core. The hate was so deep I don't think they even knew where it came from. I do though. This deep hate, and wanting to destroy each other had resulted from their contacts with Russ and Charlie. The stage was set.

The competitors agreed to meet at the recently vacated Econo foods. Gary was familar with the store, which he hoped would give him the advantage. The store was empty now and provided the best place for Deathmatch fighting. The police had been cracking down on Deathmatchs since the incident at Hy-Vee some weeks before.

Gary entered the store wearing his shirt and tie required my Hy-Vee. He saw how empty the shelves were. Nothing was left in the store. The place was dark now. It was nothing like Gary remembered. He was ready to fight none-the-less.

Maria entered the store through the exit doors. It was like her to not stop to read the sign on the door. She hadn't been in that building in a long time. To her left was a small hall way that lead to the bathrooms and to the stairs the lead up to the old employee only area. Maria went right. She walked up toward the check-out lanes and over until she was standing in front of where the old bank had been. She saw Gary standing at the opposite end.

Gary had come in the enterence doors. Gary had first walked over to where the customer service desk had been. It was sad not to see the video rental part not open anymore. He couldn't help but think about how things change, and you never notice them until they are gone. He turned around and saw his opponent standing at the opposite end of the store. Gary walke across the open floor until he was standing in the general area of where the Lotto machines used to sit. He'd give anything to have everything go back to the way it was, anything.

It was time to fight now. This vacant store would be the proving ground for these two fighters. One must fall.

To Be Continued...

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