DM12: Produce Punishment

The fight didn't take long to begin. Both fighters walked into the empty store, faced each other and the fight began.

Gary and Maria each pulled out a cart from their pockets. Gary's cart was a green cart. The cart was made from several round metal tubes welded together. This gave it strength but also left an uneven surface which was a problem at times. Maria's cart on the other hand, had a solid metal top. Her cart was also a plain gray cart and was made a square metal. This construction made her cart a little weaker than Gary's but it was still strong and solidly built.

The two Assistant Managers charged each other with their carts out in front of them. The distance between them closed rapidly. There wasn't much space between them in the first place so it only took a few second for them to draw close to each other. At the last minute Maria made a cowardly but effective move. As they neared each other and the collision seemed inevitable, Maria moved. Her cart had rear-wheel stearing so Maria swung the back of her cart out to the side.

Gary's cart had front-wheel stearing so he was unable to manuver in time. The carts smashed into each other with a deafening bang. Maria's cart was flipped over as Gary's cart went flying over it. Gary too, was sent through the air with his cart. Both the cart and Gary fell to the ground a few feet away. Other than a few scratches Gary was unhurt. He was, however, very mad. This was a weak move. He had expected more from Maria.

Gary got up and dusted himself off. When he was ready, he straightened his tie and walked up to Maria. Maria held up her fist to show that she was ready for a fight. Gary grabed her fists and picked Maria up off the ground. Gary had an obvious height advantage over Maria so lifting her off the ground was not a problem for him. Gary threw her on to one of the old check-out lanes. Gary started to pull her across the counter. He had intended on dropping her off the other side. As they got down to the end of the counter Maria began to thrash around like a wild shark. Then she stopped for a second. Gary was suprised by this act. Maria was behaving in a strange mannor, but Deathmatches can have strange effects on people.

Suddenly Maria kicked Gary in the head. It was amazing to see a short fat woman kick her leg like that. Gary was shocked at how flexible she was and how hard she could kick. A small amount of blood began to run down Gary's face from a little cut on his forehead. Maria took control of the situation by jumping up and running up the counter and jumping on Gary's back. The whole scene was like something out of the "Leprechaun" movies. Maria started to pound her fists on Gary's back and pull at what was left of his hair.

Gary was bleeding and now felt like he had a badger on his back. He staggerd toward the area where the back office used to be. Gary had to get Maria off his back. He had to hurry too. There is only so much a man can take before he grow too weak to fight.

The counter of the old back office was set up like a pyramid. The inside level was where the computers had sat. The middle was set up higher than the two sides to serve as a counter for the bank teller and the customer to pass money and papers across. The outside level was set lower than the middle and was used as a writting surface. Gary had hoped to throw Maria over the counter and get her trapped in the little space that had served as the bank.

Gary finally made it over to the counter and tried to flip Maria over into the bank. Maria wouldn't be gotten rid of that easily. As Gary went to throw her, she held on tight. The result was very little movement. Gary had managed to get Maria off his back and onto the top middle section of the bank counter. Gary started to punch Maria in the gut and slam her head into the counter top. He fought to break Marias grip on his shirt. Finally Gary hit Maria in the stomach and she released her clentched fist. Gary waisted no time. He quickly pushed Maria off the top of the counter and onto the floor.

Gary stood on one side of the bank's counter and Maria stood on the other. The only way out for Maria was to come back over the counter. Even though the bank was no longer open, the doors were still locked. Gary waited for Maria to come back over the counter. He thought that if he could catcher her as she tried to come over the top, he would be able to gain the upper hand and crush her without much problem. Gary didn't have to wait long for Maria to come over. However, she didn't climb over like Gary had wanted.

Maria stood on her side of the divider for only a few seconds. In one single leap she cleared the counter. She jumped to the side to avoid a direct run-in with Gary. When Maria finally landed she was near the first register. That was quite a distant dive. Maria found an old Shopping Cart that had been left behind. The cart was parked at the end of the first register. Maria turned to face Gary with the cart in her hands. This time Gary didn't have a cart. Maria knew that and she didn't care. The fight didn't have to be fair. It was a deathmatch after all.

Gary was still thinking of about the first attack with their carts, and the cowardly act that Maria had done. He was mad. Seeing her face him with another cart only made him madder because he had nothing. Then she charged. Gary stood his ground. As Maria was about to crash into Gary, he moved.

Gary stepped slightly to the side and grabed Maria's Shopping Cart. He pulled the cart away from her and picked it up over his head. Maria looked up in horror. She could only brace herself for the hit.

Gary brought the cart down on Maria's head. Maria and the cart fell to the ground with a tremendous force. Gary stepped over Maria's body. He looked down at her and said, "Bitch."

To Be Continued...

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