DM12: The Destructive Deathmatch...well, Destroys.

Maria pushed the cart off of her legs and stood. Gary had retreated a few feet away by this time. As Maria stood she eyed Gary with a look that could kill anyone. Then she spoke.

"Gary you will pay. But first you must spank me. And when you're done with the spanking...The Oral Sex!"

The sound was horrible. Gary tried to block out the images that were flooding his mind. The idea in and of itself was enough to cause Gary great pain. He dropped to the ground wishing he had never heard those words. He had to think of a way to distract Maria so that he could kill her and win this battle.

Gary is a master ventriloquist and was able to throw his voice. The intercom system in the store had been disabled when it closed, but Gary didn't care. He was able to throw his voice and make it sound like the intercom was working again.

"Maria to register five for customer courtesy please."

Maria stopped her attack and started to walk toward the register. Maria was half-way to the register when it hit her. The store was closed and even if it wasn't closed this wasn't her store. She had fallen for Gary's trick. That angered her a lot. Maria spun around on her heels. She reached back into endless pockets and started to pelt Gary with rotten fruit.

Gary was hit hard by the flying fruit. He was forced to the ground by the on-slaught. He had to find a way to end this fight. He had to win and quickly. There is only so much a man can take, and he was near his end. Maria continued to throw fruit at him. Her pockets seemed to never end. Gary thought for just a second before he came up with a plan. First he had to make his way over to Maria.

Gary held his arms up in front of his face to protect his head. Then he started to struggle toward Maria. The force at which the fruit was flying prevented him from make a speedy advance. After nearly a minute of hard work Gary was only about two feet from where he had started, but he was also almost face to face with Maria. Maria stopped her attack and prepared to fight Gary hand to hand. She held her fist up like an evil boxing clown. Gary wasn't planning on boxing her though.

Gary retrieved his Produce knife from his pocket. His knife was a short bladed, white handled knife. The blade had a nice sharp point to it and was always kept clean and ready to use. This knife made a great weapon. Maria too had her knife ready. Maria's knife was a long bladed, white handled knife. Her blade, however, did not come to a point. The blade was sharp and used for cutting but it had no point because it wasn't used for stabbing anything. She was planning on a test of strength but she was ready for a knife fight as well.

Maria had no choice but to swing her knife wide. She had to chop with it because of it's lacking a point. Maria raised the knife high in order to make a good attack. Gary took advantage of this moment of lowered guard. He had to. He planned to win this fight. Gary drove his knife deep into Maria's chest. Maria dropped her blade as she gasped for air. Gary had hit a lung. It would only be a matter of minutes before Maria was dead. They could both hear the air sucking in and out of the wound.

Gary bowed his head in respect for his dying opponent. Then he saw it. From the corner of his eye he saw Maria's hand coming at him. Gary turned in time to see Maria had another knife. This one was much larger than the first. The blade still had no point to it but it was shaped like a small machete. The knife had a slight curve to it and a razor sharp blade. Maria sliced through the air and into Gary's neck with her new blade. The force was enough to take Gary's head off of his shoulders.

Gary's body collapsed to the ground as his head bounced across the floor. Maria too dropped to the floor. She was having trouble breathing and she knew it would only be a few minutes before the fluid built up in her collapsed lung and suffocated her. As her Oxygen Saturation level dropped Maria blacked out. The muscles of her body shut down to save Oxygen for the brain. It still wasn't enough. With her lung collapsed because of the pressure difference, she couldn't get the air she needed. Soon the brain began to shut down. As Maria lost more blood and gained less Oxygen her heart began to stop beating. She no longer had any sinus rhythm and shortly afterwards not even and electroencepligram needle would be effected by her anymore.

The End.

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