DM1: The Final Battle

The two combatats circled each other slowly, each ploting his first move. This battle was to be to the death, and they both knew it. Each man was on the defensive for good reasons. Russ finaly grew impatient and, upon spotting a weakness, decided to make his first move. Russ lunged at Charlie and gave him a mighty Bitch-slap. Charlie was knocked to the ground. Mometarliy it look as though this would be a quick fight. Russ hesitated befor running at Charlie again. This hesitation proved to be a devistating mistake. Charlie regained his footing. He waited until Russ was in a full out dead run. Charlie crouched low to the ground ready to attack. As Russ swung his foot, intending to deliver a powerful kick to Charlies head, Charlie rushed at Russ and picked him up off the ground. Charlie had ahold of Russ by the throat with just one had. He took several steps forward befor finally slamming Russ's body to the pavement. This shock nearly knocked Russ into a comma. This battle was going to be glorious. Charlie was very tired from his last move, but it had worked and it was worth it. The two men retired to opposite ends of the lot in order to regain some streangth.

Each man thought of his next move, and how he would win this war. Russ planed to use a little known move he had been working on called the "Ass Slapping Monkey". This move called for Russ to pick up Charlie in a fireman carry and then slam Charlie's ass repeatedly into any hard surface. Russ knew that Charlie was a better ground fighter than he was. This meant that his only hope was to keep on his feet.

Charlie too had his plans. Charlie was about to cheat for the first time in his career. His intended weapon. Pshycological Warefare. But this was a Deathmatch after all.

The two men were now ready to fight again. The combatats closed the distance between themselves. Russ slowly began to circle Charlie looking for the perfect time to lunge in and perform his new move. Suddenly Charlie pulled out a tape recorder. It was the most feared tactic known to man. And Charlie was using it to win this fight. The move was the dreaded "Ex-files". On the tape was a recording of all of Russ's Ex-girlfriends bitching at him. The sound was grousome. Russ dropped to his knees unable to think, unable to react. Charlie set his tape recorder down and prepaired to move in for the kill. Russ was hit, but not by Charlie. He was hit with a "Fit of Rage". This was one of the most destructive moves anyone could ever encouter, but Russ had been training. He now knew how to control his "Fit of Rage" so that he could focus it into one powerful move. Russ grabed a nearby shrubery and uprooted it with one hand. In one desisive move Russ hurrled the tree through the air and sent it crashing into Charlie's head. The force nearly took Charlies head clean off. Both Charlie and the Shrub went falling to the ground. Russ stood his ground waiting to see if this match was over, but still thinking of how to end it if it wasn't done already.

Charlie sat up slowly and wiped the mud from his face. This was war, they both knew it, and one must fall. Now it was time.

To Be Continued...

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