DM1: The Final Chapter

Charlie regained his wits quickly after he's encounter with the shrub. He knew Russ was mad now, but in was no matter. Charlie knew that if he could bring Russ to the ground the fight would be over in a few seconds. Now was his chance to end the match. Russ was angry and probably hard to beat, but Charlie also knew that in his rage Russ was sure to let down his guard. Charlie stood, and spit some dirt out of his mouth, then he charged Russ like an enraged bull. The two fighters became locked in a bitter struggle. Charlie tried everything he could think of to get Russ to the ground. Russ tried with all his might and rage to stay on his feet. The two men punched and kicked at each other for what seemed like hours. Finally Russ gained an upper hand and picked Charlie up off the ground. As Russ spun Charlie around, preparing to hurl him through the air, Charlie once again pulled out a weak, but effective, move. The Tourcher Tickel. As Charlie tickeled Russ he kicked his legs off to the side. The combination of the two caused Russ to drop Charlie extreamly short of where he wanted to. Charlie stood to face Russ. It was time to end this battle forever. Charlie pulled out his Parsley of Pain. The sweet smell started to work it's magic. Russ was distracted for a moment. But not long enough. As Charlie rushed at Russ to deliver his death blow, Russ regained his sences. Russ quickly pulled out the Musco Hard-Hat of Hell. Both men swung their weapons with all their might. Charlie's Parsley of Pain slapped Russ's face with the cold sting of wet produce. Russ's Musco Hard-Hat of Hell bashed into Charlies skull with bone crushing force. Both fell to the ground. Both were dead. The crowd stood by for a few moments waiting to see if either would rise. Finally the doctor appointed to over see the match came forward and pronouced both combatats dead. The fight was a draw. The people who had come to watch this fight had witnessed one of the greatest Deathmatches to ever take place. And all is done.

What's the moral of this story? Don't fuck with Cocktail Waiters or you will die. Oh and never get in a Deathmatch...unless you've got a gun or something.


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