DM2: The Next Generation

The day of our last death match has long since been forgotten by most. However, there are a few who still remember. It wasn't important to mention before, but both Russ and Charlie had children. Forget the fact that one of them had never had sex, they both still had children...anyways. The children of Russ and Charlie had always held a bitter hatred for each other. It was to be expected, for each child's father had killed the others father. Both had died in a horrible death match. Now many years later, their kids met to finally decide who's father had indeed been the greatest cocktail waiter of all time. Each had in his mind that he would destroy his opponent, or die trying. The park held bad memories for both kids. Their fathers had died there and nobody wanted more blood shed on that sacred ground. Russ Jr. and Charlie Jr. (from now on refereed to as R. Jr. and C. Jr.) had come to an agreement that this battle should be fought on a former stomping ground of their parents. The location was the meeting of many confrontations between their parents. The Wal-Mart Employee Parking Lot. The day was warm with a slight breeze. The combatants met at noon to prepare. The battle was to take place just before sunset. Only one would live to see the sun rise the next morning. The mood was much like that of the battle between their parents. Each was bent on killing the other. The battle was ready to begin.

The day had been spent getting ready. Neither kid had been in a death match before, nor had they ever fought each other. Both were going to be extremely cautious.

R. Jr. hadn't taken his fathers death too well. He had turned to drugs as a way of dealing with the loss. Now he was a complete Heroin addict. C. Jr. knew this and was hoping to use it to his advantage. R. Jr. knew that he'd need to have a weapon that would kill him opponent quickly and easily. His mind came to his favorite object. A Giant Hypodermic Needle. The needle was filled with black tar heroin.

C. Jr. had turned quite a different way to deal with his fathers death. Charlie had filled his son with a sense of purpose. C. Jr. had traveled the world and had been thought by the greatest minds ever. He had developed his mental abilities and was now able to deliver a fatal death blow, by simple meditation. This attack took some time to prepare. C. Jr. knew if he was to use it effectively he would first have to use his impressive fighting skills to stun R.Jr.

With both fighters ready to go, it was time to start the death match. Who's father was truly the greatest cocktail waiter was now going to be decided...

To be continued...

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