DM2: War Rages.

The two fighters came together as the sun was setting. They were both prepared to die, but each felt that he could kill his opponent first. C. Jr. was to be the first to strike. His father had been killied, and was struck first, so this time would be different. C. Jr. lunged and R. Jr. and gave him a sucker punch to the gut. R. Jr. stagered back from the blow and desperatly tried to catch his breath. With the first wind to enter his lungs he yelled back.

"You fuckin' wimp, can't you fight? This is for my father!" With that R. Jr. ran at C. Jr. and gave him a mighty Bitch-Slap in the memory of his father. The fight was on now.

C. Jr. wasted now time. He quickly grabed a near by shoping cart that had been discarded. He ran full force at Russ's child and hit him, knocking him into the basket. C. Jr. continued to run as fast as he could. Then he let the cart go. The cart continued to fly until it hit a parking block. The block made the cart tip over, which sent R. Jr's body flying into the side of the building. R. Jr. stood up and wiped some dust off of his shirt. Son of Charlie will die he thought. R. Jr. walked camly up to C. Jr. then suddenly grabed him by the shirt and forced him between two cars. R. Jr. then proceeded to slam C. Jr. back and forth between the cars. C. Jr. tried desperatly to think of a way out of this hold. Then it hit him. C. Jr. managed to get an arm free and stuck his hand into his pocket and retereved a photo of Russ. He stuck the photo in frount of his face and began to scream.

"Look Jr. I'm your dad...let me go...come on son!"

R. Jr. was shocked to see his dad again and released him from his grasp. C. Jr. dropped the picture and ran toward an open area of the parking lot. Soon R. Jr. realised what was going on. He was enraged by C. Jr. cowardly act, so now it was time to bring out a special weapon. R. Jr. dug in his pocket and retreived a Giant Mint. Charlie's whole family had an addiction to mints, that was one thing Russ had thought his son. Now that information was proving useful. As. R. Jr. came closer C. Jr. saw the Giant Mint. At first he was confused.

"What's that, your Holy Handgrenade?" he yelled.

Then he saw those wonderful red stripes. Red was truely a sexy color and C. Jr. had to lick it. As C. Jr. Licked the Giant Mint R. Jr. kicked the other end with all his might. C. Jr began to choke on the mint. In desperation he reached up and grabed R. Jr. head and slammed it into the pavement. Both men slide away from each other. C. Jr. spit the Giant Mint out of hi mouth and decided it was time to end this fight...

To be continued...

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