DM2: An End To All.

R. Jr. slide over and leaned back against a car. His head hurt so much after his encounter with the pavement. C. Jr. knew if he was going to win this match he'd have to use his mind. He had studied Judo under his father, and now it was time to use his knowledge of leverage. If he could manage to get R. Jr. to the ground and knock him uncontious he could then use his mental attack.

The sun set slowly behind the building and cast a dark shadow over the parking lot. Death was close now.

R. Jr. lit up a huge joint and began to lay a heavy smoke screen. The cloud drifted over the lot. He hoped to limit C. Jr.'s vision and allow him to sneak up on his enemy and inject him with the Giant Hypodermic Needle.

Through the thick smoke cloud R. Jr. rushed quickly about until he managed to come up behind C. Jr. He spotted C. Jr. just ahead, and creeped silently up until he was right on his back. Then he reached out and grabbed C. Jr. shoulders with a Iron Grasp. C. Jr. had been planing to use his judo on R. Jr. and now it became an instinctive move. C. Jr. reached back and grabbed the wrist of his attacker. Then, in one defiant move, he dropped to one knee and bent over at the waist. This action sent R. Jr. flipping head-over-heels and landed him on his back in front of C. Jr. Next C. Jr. knelt down near R. Jr. head and reached his left arm under R. Jr.'s arm and placed his hand behind in head. With his right arm he reached around R. Jr.'s neck and grabbed his left arm. Finally with his left hand he pushed R. Jr. head forward and cut off his main blood supply to the brain. This was one of many Judo Choke Holds. After a few seconds C. Jr. was sure his opponent was uncontious so he retreated a few feet and sat down to meditate. Now it was time to kill him once and for all. The sun would set soon and R. Jr. would be dead. C. Jr. began his meditation.

R. Jr. began to recover from his attack. He managed to stumble to his feet while regaining his breath. He couldn't see to well thorough the thick cloud of weed smoke mixed with the darkness of the coming night. So with a mighty Huff-and-Puff of the fabled wolf, R. Jr. blew away the Smoke Screen. To his surprise C. Jr. was sitting only a few feet away meditating. He knew what that meant, and he didn't like it one bit. He had to make his move, now or never. He hastily drew out his Giant Hypodermic Needle and prepared to jam it into C. Jr.'s neck. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his chest. C. Jr.'s Mental attack was starting to work. As R. Jr. blacked out for the last time he fell to the ground. His Giant Hypodermic Needle fell forward and hit C. Jr. in the toe. R. Jr.'s limp dead arm came down with it and forced the toxic drugs into C. Jr.s body. Charlie's son would never wake from his meditation. Russ's son would never be able to get high again. Both died in another meaningless battle. The sun slipped over the horizon and all was still.

The End.

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