DM3: When Animals Attack

When I last left you Russ, Charlie, and their children had all been killed. Their houses now sat empty. Well almost empty. It's said that owning a pet can increase the length of your life. Apperently this doesn't hold true for those who get into deathmatches. This leaves the pets behind.

In the Home of Charlie rests Bear, the Geriatric German Shepard. Bear is the type of dog that sleeps 24-7 but, when it comes down to fighting, can really kick ass. His specialty is eating. Bear can eat anything that gets in frount of his mouth.

Under the roof or Russ's Rustic Ranch resides Pepper. Pepper is a Hyperactive Mut Cat. Pepper has been greatly traumatised (in a mental way) by the late Charlie. However, Pepper still has an evil Hyper Attack, which involves a lot of clawing, biting, and blood.

With no masters around to take care of the pets they are forced to fend for themselves. This situation bring us to our current location. The weather outside was nice, but that's of no consern. The fight was to take place inside, and by complete accident. Forgeting the complete impracticallity of the situation, both pets were out shopping for some fruit. The exact store in which this produce section is located doesn't matter either. We have seven grocery stores in this town, so take your pick.

Bear had gone to the store to get some cheese originally. Then he found himself in the produce section remebering the days when his master would come home and tell him all about his day at work. He came to the end of one table and rounded the corner to go up along the next tabel.

Pepper had come into the store to see if Rubarb had come in yet. Pepper was a baker and planed to make a pie later. As Pepper came around the display and turned to find an employee, Bear was coming in the opposite direction.

The two pets collided with each other. At first they were stuned by the impact. Soon they realised who they had run into. Each animal was filled with memories of the fight between their masters, and their masters children. Now it was their turn. They fought not to see who's masters had truely been the Greatest Cocktail Waiter of all time, but rather for revenge. They sought to avenge the deaths of their families. Each was out for blood and their would be no mercy. The animals attacked.

To Be Continued...

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