DM3: When Animals Attack

Bear eyed Pepper. He knew that Pepper would be small enough to eat, but the trouble would be catching the evil cat.

Pepper knew that he had to watch for Bear's mouth, which wouldn't be hard to do. Pepper was confident that his Hyper-Attack would be enough to bring Bear down like a dead tree in a hurricane. The fight would begin now.

Pepper crouched low to the ground and prepared to pounce on Bear. Bear just stood panting and drooling on the floor. Pepper drew back and jumped straight at Bear's hind legs, hoping to take advantage of his weak hips. As Pepper came close, Bear turned his head and snapped at the cat. Pepper reached out with one of his paws and clawed Bear across the nose. Bear jumped back from the pain to lick his wounds. Pepper landed some feet away and began to look for another opening to attack.

Befor Pepper could jump agian Bear decided to pull out one of his moves. The Bark Attack. The Bark Attack in itself wasn't really much to fear. The frantic barking was usually enough to freeze an enemy in their tracks, which gave Bear enough time to eat them. This attack had so far worked on squirles, rabbits, neighbors dogs, and Jehovas Witnesses. Now, hopefully, it would work on Hyper-active cats. Bear let out a loud series of barks and Pepper was frozen.

Bear began to charge Pepper like a speeding freight train. As Bear drew close, Pepper jumped onto a table next to him. Bear tried despritly to stop but slipped on the slick tile floors. He slide into a display and sent lettuce heads rolling in every direction.

Pepper tried once more to use his Hyper-Attack on Bear, while his back was turned. As Pepper ran his paws became wet and he began to slip. Soon he had passed Bear and was unable to stop. Bear had inadvertanly left a Drool Pool all over the floor. Pepper slid into another table opposite of Bear.

On this table was a nice display of Coconuts. As the Coconuts came rolled across the floor Pepper thought,
"Coconuts are a tropical plant, and this is a temperate zone."

Either way these Coconuts would make a great weapon. Pepper picked on up and launched it at Bear's head. As the Coconuts hit Bear's skull, he dropped to the ground...

To Be Continued...

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