DM3: When Animals Attack

Bear laid on the ground for a few moments trying to recover from the coconut attack. Befor he could rest completely Pepper moved in for a kill.

Pepper jumped at Bear and once again began clawing and biting to no end. Bear too, and gone on the attack. Bear tried frantically to get Pepper around in frount of his massive jaws. They struggled together until finally, in silent agreement, they broke from each other.

Pepper had one last move. The dreaded Belly Rub. Bear loved to have his stomach rubbed and Pepper knew this would be a weakness.

Pepper used his built-in cat-stealth to close silently in on Bear. Then, slowly, he reached out a paw and began to scratch Bears underside with all his might. It was at this point when the move back-fired.

In all his excitement, Bear rolled onto the ground and right over Pepper. Pepper was knocked uncountious. Bear now realised what had happened, and how close he had come to losing. Now he could win it all. As Pepper lay limp on the floor, Bear took his chance. He reached down and grabed Pepper in his strong jaws, crushing bone. The pain awoke Pepper and sent him into the Fit Of Rage that was common in the Russ family. Pepper clawed like there was no tomorrow. For Bear there was none. The damage done by Pepper was too great. He fell to the ground defeated. Pepper freed himself from Bears teeth and hailed his victory. He had out lived his opponent. Pepper crawled for some feet befor the pain kicked in. It was now, when his rage was going away, that he realised how badly he was hurt. He had outlived Bear, but he would not live to tell of his battle. The lights went out, the store was still, and all was calm, for now.

The End.

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