DM4: Two Heads Are Better Than One

Not long has passed since our last set of battles. Now it is the present. We focus now on the parents of our fabled Russ and Charlie. The great Cocktail waiters of the past got their great talents from their parents. Now, however, the parents had out lived both their children and their grand-children. It was around the time of parent-teacher conferences when out great parental figures were about to meet. Although their children were gone, both sets of parents still went to the school every year. They went to visit the High School Greenhouse. This was a place both children had spent much time working and learning. As fate would have it the two families happened in to the green house at the same time. This is where we first meet the parents. On Russ's side we find. Margo, The Beatle Basher. Everywhere she goes she carries her Beatle's Records. Those records happen to also be her special weapon. Her counterpart is John. John is the Biking non-Body Builder. His special trick is to ride a bike around with no shirt on. This sickening site is enough to make his enemies die with one look at him.

On the Charlie side we find Bev, the Jump-kicking Janintor. Never far from her side are two things. First is her Mayham Mop, which she swings with a mighty force. The other thing is Fred, the Sargent Saftey. Fred happens to the most active fighter. He always carries his Saftey Saber. A sword so sharp it can cut a person in half with one swing. Now are fighters have been introduced.

The location mentioned above does deserve more desciption I feel. The building is one of considerable size. Along the two long side sit rows of tables with the greenhouse's plants on them. Along the somewhat North-Western side sits a large Acua-culture system. In the frount of the building is a large sliding door the raises up to allow for the loading and unloading of equipment. To the side of that is a small door to allow people to enter. There is also a small door in the back next to the cooling system. The length of the building is transversed by a metal cable on either side. Just above these cables also runs a large plastic tube which carries heated air the whole length of the green house, from the heaters located in the frount of the building. Everything about this building is big. From it's over head door to the air condintioner in the back. Everything about the building and in the air that day said this was going to be a day that decided the fate of this town, and perhaps the world at large.

The two families entered the building from seperate doors, but soon they had spotted each other and the fight was to begin.

To Be Continued...

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