DM4: Heads Collide.

The two groups of fighters saw each other from across the Green House. They all made their way to the center of the building where it was open and would provide more room for the fight that was to take place. No time was to be wasted with formalities.

Fred went stright for John without a moments hesitation. Fred began to punch John with all his might. John stood trying to block the attack the best he could. The beating continued until Fred stepped back unexpectedly in order to regain his footing for a knock out punch. John seized the moment.

As Fred swung his arm and fist at John one more time John made is move. John jumped up into the air and grabbed one of the wires that crossed the building. He swung up out of the reach of Fred, who went crashing into the tabel behind the spot where John had been standing. John swung two more times back and forth then he let go and sailed across the room crashing into Bev. The force slammed her back into the wall, cracking the Polycarbonate panels of the Green House. John landed off to Bev's side. As he turned to strick Bev one more time, she took control of the fight.

As John went to kick the stuned Bev she hoped backwards. Johns leg went flying harmlessly past Bev. Then she grabbed John by the shirt collar and lifted him into the air befor slamming him down on the table. Bev then climbed over the table to reach Margo. Margo had been watching the fight from the side of the AquaCulture tank and was now going into both.

Bev got a hold on Margo's hair and plunged her head into the Green-Brown water. She held her head under the water, trying to drowned her. Margo's arms flopped around helplessly trying to free herself from Bev's grasp. Margo's hand came to rest on one to the Aquatic plants that was in the tank. Without even thinking she picked up the plant and smashed it into Bev's head. Bev went to the floor dazed.

Margo spotted Fred about to get up from the spot where he had fallen. She saw him eyeing the injured John across the room. Not being the greatest fighter she knew she would have to find another way to hurt Fred. Then an idea came to her. Quickly she took the table that Fred was kneeling next to and flipped in over on top of him. Then she proceded to jump on top of the overturned table and jump up and down. The force was almost crushing Fred's ribs. He had to break free, or he was going to be crushed.

Fred's fight for life filled him with the power of ten men. He pushed the table off of his body with such a great force that Margo was flung into the middle of the room again. Fred stood and wipped the sweat from his eyes. Although he knew this could end the match he pulled out his Saftey Saber. Befor anyone could blink Fred began to swing wildly. Margo tried to dodge the onslaught the best she could. When it was over Fred had managed to sever one of her arms.

"Die Evil One!" yelled Fred. "Die Now!"

"What? Tis but a scratch." replied Margo.

Fred was confused by the results of his attack on Margo. Margo used this confusion to her advantage. Not wasting anymore time, she ran and jump-kicked Bev in the head, knocking back over a table and onto the floor.

This battle wasn't going to end easily. Everyone paused to catch a breath and plan the way in which they would get revenge for their childrens deaths.

To Be Continued...

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