DM4: Heads Will Roll.

Bev reached up and used the table to pull herself to her feet. Now was time to end this match. John was still catching his breath and trying to figure out how he would beat Fred, because there was no way Margo could do it alone.

Bev ran up behind John and tackled him from behind. This made John hit the concrete floor and slide over to Margo.

John got up from the floor and wiped the dirt and blood from his arms and knees. Then he grabed Bev and threw her violently through the air and into Fred.

Now both couples were together again. They stood staring at eachother for several minutes before they all decided silently to end this fight forever.

All combatants pulled out their respective weapons and prepared to fight 'til death.

John ripped off his shirt and began to ride a bike around the center of the Green House. Fred and Bev both tried to shield their eyes from the sight and in the end only the later of the two was able to do so in time. Fred dropped to the ground without a fight of protest. Without looking Bev struck out with her Mayhem Mop. The clean white head of the mop struck John in the chest, knocking him from his bike. John hit his head with such a force than he would never again breath the air of life.

While Bev had her back turned Margo took only action she knew of to save her life. She pulled out her massive collection of Beatle's Records and began to hurl them at Bev. The Records hit Bev like thin saw blades. Soon Bev was laying on the ground with the other victims of this battle.

Margo started for the door to annouce to the world that she was the winner of this family fued. Befor she could make it to the door she knelt down to say good bye to her dear John. Then she felt it. The scratch she had received from Fred was more than just a scratch. She started to feel weak as she collapsed to the ground. She lay on the floor unable to move. As she laid there she thought.

"Tomorrow the students will come and find us four together. All will be done. The plants will still grow, the sun will still rise and set. The town is unchanged. The world is unchanged. The war is still un-won."

Margo slipped off into the endless sleep and the earth rested with her.

The End.

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