DM5: Old Women and Old Stories

Often I like to start with a description of our soon to be battlefield. Not this time. I don't thinks it's all that important. What is important is who is fighting and why. By now the legend of the Russ vs. Charlie Deathmatch is known to everyone. More over there are two people who know this story better than anyone. These two wonderful people have sat back and watched their kids, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, along with their pets, die in a series of meaningless battles. That's right. It is Russ and Charlie's Grandmothers. I'd like to get to the heart of the matter now.

Charlie's Grandma is a wonderful lady by the name of Joyce. Joyce is retired and enjoys bird watching. She can often use her knowledge and control of birds to her advantage. This helps her to fight without having to get close to her enemies because of her bad knees.

Russ's Grandma is a wonderful lady as well. We will call her "Madam Death" because I don't know her real name (I call her the "No!" lady). The "No!" attack is her special power (Russ and I will never forget the day she earned that name). When ever her enemy is within a few feet, Madam Death uses her growing mental powers to influence the persons own kinetic energy for her own means. In other words with the word "No" she can send her attacker crashing to the ground. This is a vicious attack when dealing with weak old ladies.

The Day in and of itself was not too bad. The weather was nice which gave no forwarning of the carnage about to take place. The skies showed a slight hint of a storm moving in but the rain would hold until after the fight.

I've talked of who is fighting, but why are they fighting? The reasoning that it is because they have outlived their families, and each holds a hatred for the other because of that fact, is a compelling reason. However, that is not the real reason. Yes they each hold a bitter hatred of the other. A feud this long certainly can cause that. But these two fight for something far more. They fight because it is in their blood. They have come from a long line of fighters. This is why it has been only natural for their entire family to fight. It is in their genes.

The two women met at the predecided battlefield. It was time for these families to finish their fued. Only one family could be the winner. One must fall.

They each stood eyeing the other slowly. Up and Down... Until suddenly...

To Be Continued...

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