DM5: Able was 'ere I saw Elba

After the beating with the shoe Joyce stepped back and yelled

"You're dead now!"

"I'm not dead yet!" yelled back M. Death

"Shut Up, you're almost dead!" came Joyce

"No really, I'm feeling better now!" And that's when the attack came.

Without any warning at all, M. Death did a "Creasent Kick". She kicked her leg up and arched it over in the shape of a creasant. In the hieght of her arch, M. Death's foot contacted Joyce's face. Joyce stumbled back and thought of what her next move would be. She knew she only had one chance left, it would have to be a good one.

Joyce pulled out her false teeth and hurled them at M. Death. The teeth clattered through the air until they reached M. Death. Once there they began to chomp on her like a pack of rabbid ardvarks. The teeth bite at every bit of exposed flesh. Finally M. Death was able to grab the teeth. With the greatest force she could muster, M. Death threw the teeth to the ground, shattering them like fine glass.

Both of them were tired now.

Joyce stood there with no shoes, or teeth. She eyed M. Death. M. Death stood watching Joyce. She had lost her cane and purse, along with her wig. No more mistakes could be afforded.

The two women ran at each other and locked arms. The struggled with each other for some time. Both of them grew tired very quickly, but neither could afford to give up. It was going to be a fight to the finish, and one must fall.

The ladies continued to fight, each trying, without success, to gain the upperhand. After what seemed like hours, nothing had happened. then they felt it. Fate had stepped in. Each woman began to feel the pain in their chest. Their left arms began to grown numb, yet they continued to fight. They fought each other, and the pain. However, the heart can only hold out so long. Soon they were both on the ground. Their arms entangled with each other, both dead. Joyce and Joyce (a little late to give me your grandma's name Russ). Two more combatants in the Deathmatch, and two more victims of the Deathmatch. The Russ and Charlie families were running themselves out of existance...But the Greatest Cocktail Waiter of all Time was still to be decided...

The End...

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