DM6: A Womb With a View

Many people make out wills to decide how their possessions will be distributed after they pass. Our fabled heroes, Russ and Charlie, were no different. Despite the obvious differences between the two, they were really much the same. Each wanted to be better than the other, and both wanted to live forever. These two desires lead us to our current situation. Russ and Charlie had each set aside a large sum of money for a secret project. The project was one that would insure that they would live forever and, in theory, make one better than the other. However, neither fighter had planed on the other one doing the same. Another small oversight. The project was cloning. Each had put aside huge multi-million dollar estates so that someone would be able to clone their bodies. With both of them having been vanquished in their battle, each was cloned. Now we must make our way into the future. Cloning starts from a single cell. Therefore an adult version of Russ and Charlie could not be made over night. Instead each had to be raised just like a child. There was only one company capable of cloning the lost contenders. The company cloned the two shortly after their fatal encounter. The two cloned children were given to families who raised them with one goal. To make them the best cocktail waiters ever to be seen. Again this leads to the same old problem. There can be only one, so one must fall.

The two children lived their lives completely unaware of each other until they reached the age of their fallen twins. By this age they had each gained much fame in the cocktail waiter industry. They had heard of each other, but had no clue of the past connection between themselves. The stage was now set.

The International Cocktail Waiter Society (ICWS) had set up a competition between the two men to decide who the best truly was. The idea was for the two men to have a debate/quiz on national television. The men would first debate with each other over many issues held dear by the ICWS. Then they would take part in a quiz over Cocktail Waiting history and modern procedures. The winner would be honored by the title of The World Greatest Cocktail Waiter.

The men met at the T.V. studio and prepared for the contest. They both had separate dressing rooms so they would not met until the contest. Soon a man came to the door of each man and brought him to the stage. Once they saw each other they knew. It was like some latent instinct hidden in their genes. The rage started to build up within them. By the time the show was ready to start they were ready to fight.

To be Continued...

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