DM6: The Greater Affinity

The light on the stage came on and lit up the red faces of the two men. Each was red with rage. The first event of the day was to be the debate. A crowd had gathered to see the match and they were expecting the show of their lives. The cameras were rolling as an annoucer began speaking. He was there to assign the topics for debate and keep time. The contestants fought between their rage for each other and their want to carry on with the debate. Time would prove which of the two forces had the greater affinity for the men. Time showed that anger had the stronger attraction. Without warning Charlie struck.

Charlie couldn't fight off the anger anymore. This debate was going to end now. Charlie grabbed onto his podium and prasied the stage hands for not bolting it to the floor. Charlie picked up his podium up over his head. Charlie charged at Russ like a wild animal. As he ran across the stage Charlie screamed,

"This time it will be different!"

Charlie crossed the stage befor Russ had a chance to react. The podium came crashing onto Russ' head.

The blow forced Russ to the ground in a daze. He know Charlie was standing over him and if he didn't react soon he was going to lose. This was what he had been training for. With out any furthur hesitation Russ picked up a piece of splintered wood from the broken podium. Russ lunged at Charlie and drove the huge splinter deep into his arm. Charlie screamed out in pain as he broke free from Russ. The two men put some distance between them. Charlie yanked the splinter from his arm and prepared to go on the defensive.

Russ was now ready to take control of this match. The security guards had shown up but they weren't about to get involved with this match. They only wanted to protect the crowd. Russ decided to make his first move one which he was comfortable using. He went with a move that he know would weaken his opponent and one which him family had been using for years.

Russ walked up to Charlie as though he was going to give up or at least talk calmly. This allowed him to get face to face with Charlie. Then with out warning Russ pulled his arm back then swung in wildly to deliver a back-handed-slap.

Charlie saw the hand come at him with his periperial vision but it was too late to react. The slap dropped Charlie to his knees. Charlie had to come up with a counter quickly. Something that would buy him enough time to make another move. Another move came to him without much thought. Quickly he pushed Russ with all his might, knocking his enemy to the ground.

The next move came about as a natural result of Charlie's counter move. Charlie began to kick Russ with brutal force. Charlie kicked and kicked like there was no tomorrow.

Russ lay on the ground getting kicked about like a paper in a hurricane. The forces at work were enough to crack ribs on Russ, but it would have killed a normal person. Russ had to get out of this situation soon.

On one of Charlie's kicks Russ made his move. As Charlie kicked again, Russ grabed his ankle. Without letting go Russ stood up and rasied Charlie's leg up into the air untill Charlie lost his balance and fell to the ground.

As Charlie began to stand up Russ picked him up and threw him into the other podium. Charlie hit the podium hard and the thin wood gave easily under his weight. As Charlie lay on the ground for a minute trying to catch his breath Russ began to mock him.

"I blow raspberries at you...(Russ blows raspberries)...Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!"

This attack was childish.

The match would be over soon. And the winner would be crowned.

To be continued...

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