DM6: A Lesson in Tauntologies

The cameras never shut off during this entire fight. The crowd had gathered to see the best show of their lives, and they were getting it.

Charlie sat amide the broken bits of the podium that he had been slammed into. He was getting extreamly tired. This match would be over soon. Charlie knew that. He also knew that if he didn't make a move soon he would be the loser. After a few seconds Charlie had caught his breath enough to make his move.

Charlie ran at Russ and locked arms with him. The two fighters struggled that way for a few seconds until Charlie made his next move. With a quick, defiant move, Charlie reached down and caught Russ' leg. Charlie pulled Russ up into a fireman carry. With Russ up on his sholders Charlie began to spin around in circles. After several revolutions Charlie made a little hop and force Russ up over his head and flying into one of the cameras.

Russ hit the camera hard. The equipment was broken beyond repair, but Russ was only dazed. Two more cameras closed in to get the look of pain on film. They were going to get every second of this fight on tape. The fight wasn't planned, but now the world would have prof of who the Greates Cocktail Waiter truely was.

Russ deceided to use the cameras in the same way Charlie had. These cameras were heavy and hard. Russ knew from recent experience that they hurt, a lot. As one of the cameras came in close to Russ, he grabed it from the clutches of the camera man. After Russ had gotten the camera away from the camera-man, he ran for Charlie.

As Charlie watched Russ charge him down he realised he had nowhere to run. The only thing he could do was brase himself for the impact. No matter how well he blocked the attack, it was still going to hurt. Charlie had no idea how much it would really hurt until he was hit. The camera smashed into his arm, which was already weak from the stab wound. The impact broke Charlies already weak arm.

Charlie's fighting days were almost over. It was time for another cheating tactic. As Russ prepared to finish him off Charlie began to sing. Charlie wail, "Only the Lonely". The sound once again brough Russ to his knees. Charlie's nails-on-chalkboard-voice made Russ cry in horror and pain.

However, as all good attacks go, this one too back fired. As most will recall Russ was prone to "Fits of Rage". This was a time for one of those fits.

Russ's face grew red with rage again. Russ clutched Charlie by the lapels of his shirt and forced him back against a wall. Russ then began to slam Charlie into every wall and support beam in the room. The walls began to grow weak from the structural damage Russ was forceing on them. The support beams were long since broken. The roof wouldn't be able to hold up to this force much longer. Charlie too was subjected to a lot of injury. The constant banging had broken many of his bones. He knew he would never be able to fight again, but all he cared about was getting out alive. Charlie tried many times to break Russ' hold on him. However, the rage proved to be too much. Charlie only had one arm to work with, and he was too tired. Nothing would free him.

Russ drove Charlie's head into one of last remaining load-bearing posts. The force was enough to kill Charlie. Russ was to be the winner. In his rage though, Russ threw Charlie's body into the last load-bearing post that was supporting the roof. Charlie was gone and would never see his enemy destroyed. Despite this fact, the roof caved in anyway. The weight of the wood, metal, and dry wall was enought to knock Russ to the ground and bury him. The weight alone wouldn't kill him, but slowly the air grew thin. As his air ran out, Russ found it hard to hold up the weight that was pressing down on his back. A combination of thin air and a high pile of rubble finally took their victim. Russ faded away for the last time.

Had Russ been able to control his rage enough to stop his final action he may have lived. Some people never learn. And so closes another chapter in the saga.

The End..

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