DM7: Ambiguous Stimulation

"There is a thin red line between the sane and the mad." So what is it that could make a person cross that line? Some people are weaker than others. This is a story of two of those weak people. Most people can survive a great deal of emotional pain. At some point, however, that pain becomes too much. We've seen the death of Russ and Charlie, along with their children, parents, grandparents, pets, and genetic clones. This horrific loss caused two of Russ and Charlie's friends to go insane.

Dan and Josh are two great guys but they couldn't stand the loss suffered by the families of Russ and Charlie. The insanity they suffered from has brought them to this fight. Neither man was fighting for a particular side. They merely fought because of the grief. They were blinded by all the loss and in their state of mental unrest, began to fight.

Now I know some you aren't familiar with these two men, so I'd like to take a minute to introduce them.

Dan is a nice fellow who likes to talk. He'll talk about anything, and for any amount of time. He is also an avid Rock n' Roller. Dan plays bass. He's been in several bands, but we don't care about that. Dan used to be quite a violent person but recently he has been slow to anger. At least he was slow to anger until he went crazy.

Josh is another nice fellow with an amazing sense of humor. His big hobby is photography. In my opinion, as well as others, he is wonderful with a camera. Josh is full of funny little stories or jokes if you will. Some of which I may make allusions to later.

There isn't much more to say about these two men. Both were normal (haha) guys until the loss of their friends and their friends' families caused them to slip over that thin red line.

This brings us to our current point. Dan's band was playing a small show one day for a few select people to morn the loss of Russ and Charlie. Josh was there to take photos of the band playing. Everything was going well until Dan stopped to make a speech. He began to talk about the things he had done with Russ and Charlie before they had died. Then the emotions flooded him. As Dan kept thinking of Russ and Charlie he started to cry. Dan stepped over the thin red line. The anger swelled up inside of Dan until he burst.

The moving speech given by Dan had brought up memories from Josh as well. Josh had spent the whole speech crying. He too was over that thin red line now.

Because Josh and Dan were close to each other during the speech, and they were both filled with anger and pain, they were pulled together. The instinct to fight won over them...

To Be Continued...

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