DM7: Friends Forever, Or 'Til Death Do Us Part.

The emotions broke free and the fight was on. Dan swung his Mighty Bass right at Josh's head. The instrument slammed into Josh's head with an amazing force. The blow sent Josh to the floor. Dan jumped over the monitor that sat in frount of him and started to pound on Josh.

Josh was so emotional at this point that he could hardly feel the punches Dan was throwing. Josh's only thought was on getting revenge. The broken bass lay next to Josh with it's broken wood intertwined with the strings. These strings were to be Josh's weapons. After grabing the strings from the floor he stood up, effortlessly shaking off Dan. Then in one defiant move he wrapped the strings around Dan's neck.

The strings from the bass started to cut into Dan's neck. Dan didn't care though. He was more conserned with the lack of air he was receiving. His arms flopped around harmlessly. Every few seconds he was able to pull the strings far enough away from his throat to get a quick breath. These small gasps of air were still not enough to meet the Oxygen demand his muscles needed. Finally, without thinking, Dan struck out.

Josh felt Dan's elbow drive deep into his stomach. In a moment of panic he let go of the bass strings. That was all the time Dan needed.

Dan quickly spun around on his heels and turned to face Josh. Then, using great consentration, he started with his Psychic Vodoo Powers. The pain started to creep throughout Josh's body. At first it seemed like a weak, uncomfortable feeling. Then it began to grow rapidly until every inch of his body was racked with a horrible pain.

Josh could hardly think. Every part of his body hurt. Luckly the brain doesn't have any sence receptors. Simple mind over body. Josh forced his body forward. As he moved he hunched over and started to grunt,

"Ohhh, Oh, Donut, Millions of Donuts..."

The sight of this man shaking and uttering those words broke Dan's consentration and sent him into a Fit of Laughter. This was Josh chance. If he could strick a winning blow now, this fight would be over. Josh ran up to Dan and made his move.

Josh put one arm over Dan's right sholder and reached down and picked up one of his legs with the other. Then Josh plucked Dan up from his feet, carried him a few feet forward and dropped him onto a folding table sitting along the wall.

This is where fate plays it's cruel game. The table gave way to Dan's falling body. Although the impact was still a lot, it was nothing compared to what it would have been if the table hadn't collapsed.

Dan was mad now. He had forgotten why the fight had started but now he was going to win. He stood up and rushed Josh like a frieght train. When they hit was truely like The Clash of the Titans. The fight was Godly. The two titans pounded each other like there was no end. But an end there would be. They both knew it. They also knew one must fall...

To Be Continued...

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