DM7: The Final Tort

The two titans wrestled for a few minutes befor they grew tired and seperated from each others grasps.

Dan was tired now. His back hurt from the fall onto the table but he didn't care. He was mad, his bass was broken and he hadn't made much headway with Josh. This fight was going nowhere and it seemed as if niether one of them could win this fight.

Josh too was tired. Dan had proven to be a tough opponent and this wasn't going to be an easy win. He wondered if the knock on his head, from Dan's bass, had made him lose some memory. The whole reason for the fight had been wiped from his mind. That didn't matter though. Dan would die, he had to die.

Dan had used his only real weapon but Josh still had his ready. Why he hadn't thought to use it earlier he didn't know, but now he was ready to pull it out. Josh reached into his bag and pulled out his camera. In one defiant move he checked the flash and brought the camera up in frount of his face. Then he began clicking away. The flashes of light were blinding to Dan.

Dan saw the first flash. After that they all were more like little blinking lights. He kept his eyes shut as tight as possible, but the light still penitrated his eyelids. The pulsating flickers of light hurt his eyes so bad.

As Dan convorted around fighting to get away from the light his next move came as an accident. As often happens when Dan begins to dance about without a tight enought belt, his pants began to slip slowly. When Dan turned his back to Josh his move was performed without him even knowing. it. Crack kills.

Josh only caught a glipse of this "Half Moon" and that was enough. He dropped the camera immediatly. As the camera hit the ground the flash stuck on and started to flood the whole room with it's rhymic beating of white light.

Flashing lights, like those of police cars or camera flashes, have the ability to send people into epileptic sezures. Josh is one of those people prone to Epileptic Fits. The flashing of the camera started to make Josh convulse uncontroably.

Dan decided he needed to get this fight outside. He knew how the clones had died and he wanted to get outside in order to be safe. Dan's next move was the Jig. Dan danced his jig and started to jump about like a cracked out kangaroo. As he hoped about he pushed into Josh. Josh was powerless to fight back. Dan forced him outside.

Once outside the camera was free to blink harmlessly inside while the fight continued. Josh was no longer bothered by the Epileptic Fit but Dan continued to dance his jig.

Dan slowly began to realise that he was no longer pushing Josh like he had been before. He looked up to see Josh pushing back. Dan was stunned as he stood up.

Josh just had to laugh to himself as he looked at Dan. Dan had such a confused look on his face. This was a fight to the end though and there was no room for pitty. Josh just raised his hand and punched Dan with all his might. The blow sent Dan sprawling in the parking lot. Josh moved in until he was almost standing on Dan. It was time to end this match. Josh reached down and grasped Dan by the collar As Josh started to pull Dan to his feet Dan spotted something flying through the air toward the both of them.

"Jesus Christ!" yelled Dan as the cow fell on top of them.

A cow had been catipulted from the top of the building where the bands were playing. Nobody knows who launched it or why. It doesn't matter though. Both combatants were crushed to death under the weight and it was all over now.

The End

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