DM8: A Tale of Two Sisters

This is a tale of sisters. These two women are not sisters to each other, but rather, sisters to our fallen hero's Russ and Charlie. Much of the information about the two ladies is not known but here is what we do know.

Anna is the sister of Charlie. Anna takes after her dad's side of the family and is somewhat tall (at least compared to her mother). Anna comes from German decent which provides her with a excellent skeletal structure. In other words. She is not a scrawny little lady and is quite strong. Comeing from Charlie's family also provided her with a background in fighting and the knowledge of what it takes to win a deathmatch. She has won many fights in her life and had this fight been announced ahead of time, she would be the favorite to win.

If this had been a formal fight then her "Formal Opponent" would be Lan. Lan is an eightteen year old Korean girl. Russ's family had taken after the great Woody Allen and deceided to adopt her. Little is known about her past except that she comes from Korea. Her family was extreamly poor. Her parents died some years back and left her to raise her twenty-three brothers and sisters. At the time she was only sixteen so the government took her family and put them all in foster homes. For the next two years she went through twelve different homes. Finally she ended up in the care of Russ' family. She was adopted legally by them three months later.

This brings us up to our current time. Lan had recently went back to Korea to visit her brothers and sisters. Now she was returning.

Befor the tragic loss of Russ and Charlie's parents there had been a peace. The families still hated each other but they had agreed to try to put the past behind them. That was why Anna had been invited to come and welcome Lan back to the states. Anna had greater visions though. With the passing of Russ' parents Lan was left as the only survivor in that family. She was the only thing standing between Charlie's family and total domination of the world of Cocktail Waiters. Anna was going to welcome Lan back to the country with a party she would never forget.

Anna wanted Lan to think everything was alright, right up to the last minute. The house was decorated with ballons and a welcome home banner.

Lan came off the plane only to be greeted by Anna.

"Where are my parent's?" she asked.

"They're home getting ready for your party, so I came to get you."

With that they loaded up Anna's car with Lan's bags and headed for home. The whole trip to the house was filled with calm, everyday conversation.

When they arrived home they found a note taped to the door that read, "We went to get the cake, help yourself to some drinks. We'll be back soon."

The two ladies let themselves into the house and started to mingle around the house. Anna finally figured it was time to make her move.

"Let's get something to drink while we wait." she said.

Anna then stood and gentely usered Lan into the kitchen.

Lan headed into the kitchen two steps ahead of Anna. As they walked past the counter Anna picked up the knife she had lieing on there. The two ladies went about two more steps and Anna raised the knife high over her head in preperation for delivering her death blow.


To Be Continued...

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