DM7: Women's Fury

Anna raised the knife high over her head and perpared to plunge the blade deep into the back of Lan's head. As Anna forced the blade down Lan made her move.

Lan had caught on to Anna's plan. She was prepared for this. As Anna held the weapon high over her head, Lan turned and performed a high kick which knocked the blade to the ground. This fight was just getting started now.

Lan dove for Anna and lifted her off of the ground. Lan forced Anna into the living room. Once there Lan slammed Anna down onto the floor. As Anna fell her head hit the seat of a Rocking Chair. The blow left Anna in a daze. Anna pushed Lan away and prepared to take control. Once Lan was off of her Anna stood and charged Lan. The two ladies began a feirce wrestling bout.

The two women pushed and pulled each other all about the living room. The television was hit several times along with the coffee table. They fought with each other for what must have been hours to them. They were both getting tired but this fight had gone on too long to end it now.

In the end of the wrestling match Anna came out on top. They had ended up back in the kitchen with Anna resting her weight on Lan. The anger of her families fate, and the blow Lan had delivered earlier, all came back to her now. Anna grabbed Lan's head and pushed it into the linolium floor. With her knee Anna began to push Lan across the floor. Anna began to scream intimidations at Lan as she forced her body along the floor.

Lan tried as hard as she could to keep some of the pressure off of her head. The sliding of her head burned her face. The pain was great but Lan was able to keep herself from screaming. She remained calm and clear headed until she could find away to get free.

Lan was used to fighting. It was in her families history. She came from a long line of martial arts experts. However, her method of excaping from Anna's grasp was one that any two-bit wrestler knew. It was a move that is, or should be tought, in the first year of wrestling. When Anna had Lan on the ground she had Lan lieing face first. As Anna pushed, Lan stuck her leg that was furthest from Anna, out to the side. This meant that as Anna pushed into Lan, Lan's leg acted like a pivot of sorts and thus Anna was no longer pushing Lan along the ground but rather pushing her to her knee's. Once on her knees Lan was in an excellent position. Anna was over her back. As Lan stood up on her feet she kept her back almost parallel with the ground. Now that she was on her feet Lan flipped Anna over her back and onto the table.

Anna lay on the table stunned by the speed and force with which the attack was delivered. While she was stunned Lan continued her attack. From it resting spot next to the frount door Lan retrieved her sword. Lan raised the sword over her head and brought in down, straight at Anna neck.

Anna rolled quickly to off of the table just as the razor-sharp steel sliced through the table. Anna jumped over the table and caught Lan by the shirt sleeves. Lan couldn't belive that Anna had been able to move so fast. In her disbeliefe Lan dropped her sword. Anna slammed Lan into the door and then pushed her backwards over a small stand beside the couch. Lan fell back over the stand and onto the couch. Anna walked around to the frount of the couch and picked Lan up again. Then Anna slammed Lan back into the large window located just above the couch. The blow and shattered glass hurt Lan more than anything. Finally Anna jerked Lan forward into the hanging plant that hung just over head.

Lan was nearly uncountious and her head hurt like it had never hurt before. Lan grabed Anna's hair and sat down on the couch. This pulled Anna forward and off balance. As Anna fought to stay standing, Lan tucked her legs up and pulled her knees into her chest. She then rested her feet on Anna's abdomin and pushed with all her might. Lan's powerfull legs sent Anna flying across the room and into the windo that sat opposite of the one behind Lan.

The two women now sat on opposite side of the room. They eyed each other slowly. Each was too tired to make the next move just yet. They also knew that someone had to move, and whoever moved slowest was going to end up dead.

Just at that time a swallow flew threw the hole in the window above Lan. The swallow made one lap around the room and flew out threw the hole made by Anna in the opposite window.

To Be Continued...

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