DM8: The Antagonizing Anna and the Languid Lan

The two tired fighters lay against opposite walls watching each other. Anna could feel her pain with every breath, but she knew that Lan was in as much pain as her. Anna needed to win this fight so that her family would indeed be the greatest. Lan was the only thing in her way. Anna forced herself up to her feet. She figured if she could make Lan think she wasn't tired or hurting then she could gain the mental advantage over her foe. She stood and glared at her enemy.

Lan could almost feel Anna's eyes cutting into her. She couldn't believe that Anna wasn't as worn out as she. Lan had a feeling that this was just a facade but she was too tired to make a move herself. She had no choice but to allow Anna to make the first move. Indeed Anna would make the first move.

Anna crossed the room in what seemed to be on giant step. At the same time she pulled a Giant Raggedy Ann Doll out of her back pocket. As Anna came close she swung the Giant Doll with all of her might. The Doll smacked into Lan's head and sent her flying into the door of Russ' old bedroom. Anna hit Lan with such a tremendous force that the stitches on her doll were busted open and the stuffing was sent floating about the room.

Lan felt her head hit the door. After she hit the door her pain seemed to go away. Indeed her whole body went numb. Lan reached up over her head and hit the Strobe Light that was resting on top of the record player. The lights were already off in the rest of the house because the fight had started while the sun was still up. The flickers of light confused Anna for a moment. The Lan started the Iron Butterfly record. In a mix of Hippie music and strobe lights Lan began to cavort about the room, making her way slowly toward Anna. Lan made several lunges at Anna. Each time she came close Anna grew more uneasy. The mix of music, light and strange dance. Finally Lan grasped Anna by the shoulders and threw her onto the coffee table. The table gave way to Anna's body.

Anna lay on the broken table with Lan standing over her. Anna picked up on of the broken legs. Anna hastily pulled herself to her knees and drove the piece of wood into Lan's leg. Lan went down crippled. This was not the way she had planned on ending this fight.

Lan wasn't going to be able to move her leg for a long time. That meant she was stuck there and Anna would easily be able to kill her with relative ease. Lan felt she had no choices left. In violation of one of the few Deathmatch Rules, Lan called for help. Lan called out to the only other cat left in the Russ family house. The cat had been in hiding in Russ' parents room and now came forth to destroy Anna.

The cat ran straight for the living room and jumped clear over Lan's head. The sharp teeth of this cat were aimed at Anna's neck. The only thought in the primitive cat brain was death. Death to all of Charlie's family, and Anna was it's target now.

Anna was fast, but even so she still had to hurry in order to avoid certain death. As the cat soared toward her neck Anna made a grab for the cat. With extreme luck she was able to catch the cat by the fur of it's back. Anna held up her fist and said to the cat,

"I'll bust you in the head."

With that remark the cat kicked away and headed back to the room from which it came. The cat was nearly half way across the house before it's feet ever hit the floor. In just a couple of seconds the cat was gone. Now it was down to Lan and Anna.

Anna knew she only needed to wait for Lan to grow weak and them make the kill. But Anna grew impatient. She had to end this fight today. With how weak Lan was Anna figured she could easily choke her. This would end the fight quickly and easily. Anna got up and walked over behind Lan. Lan was too weak to try to defend herself or even turn to face Anna.

Lan felt Anna bend down and reach her arms around her neck. Within seconds Lan could no longer breath. She knew she would soon be dead. Anna had missed on thing though. People who know they are about to die are often very desperate people. Also, Lan had been raised with the idea that to die at the hands of an opponent is dishonorable. With that last thought in her mind Lan quietly picked up her sword which was lying on the floor a few inches away. Lan lined the blade up with her abdomen and plunged the sword deep into her body. The long blade went easily through her body.

Anna had her tightest grip on Lan's neck. Lan gave almost no struggle. Anna figured she was too weak to fight back. Then she felt it. Anna felt the cold steel blade of Lan's sword run it's course through her. Anna let go of Lan's neck and looked down over Lan's shoulder. Anna saw the sword and realized that it had been driven through them both.

The two ladies collapsed to the ground together. The sun would rise in a few hours, but neither of them would be able to see it. More victims of the struggle. One must fall, but often one is not enough.

The End.

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