DM9: Cousins Can Kill

Rory had reached over the case and grabbed Emily. He pulled her easily over the counter. Without even letting her touch the ground her threw her over the half-wall behind him and into the cooking area. Rory's size and strength allowed him to easily jump over the half-wall after her. Emily hadn't been looking for a fight so this whole event caught her by surprise. Rory grabed the collar of Emily's white dress shirt and pulled her to her feet. He then grabbed her hair and started to push her head down toward the grill.

Emily realised what was happening and knew she had to do something. She was lucky enough to be wearing a button at the time. This seemed like the easiest solution. At the time Emily didn't want to get in a deathmatch. With this in mind she pulled the button out and bent the pin out to make a quick weapon. Emily had to be carefull while she did this because her face was dangerously close to the grill face. Once she was sure that she couldn't get away from Rory by any other means, she struck.

Emily drove the button into the back of Rory's hand. Rory let out a horrid scream. He also losened his grip on Emily, which is what she wanted. Emily forced herself out of Rory's hands and stood to face him. She had hoped to avoid a fight but the look in his eyes showed her that a fight was going to take place no matter what.

Emily decided to make the next strike. She used her smaller size to quickly slip behind Rory. Then she reached into her back pocket and pulled out a plastic grocery bag. Emily had to jump a little to get the bag over Rory's head but she managed to do it. Emily pulled the bag tightly around his neck to keep any air from entering the bag.

Rory couldn't see very well through the white plastic. Now his air was running out. Most people panic when they cant breath. As a result they do stupid things that don't help their situation. Rory was different. He knew he had to get the bag off of his head and he knew the easiest way to do it. He reached up with both hands and ripped a small hole in the bag. Then he stuck a few fingers in the hole and tore the whole bag off.

Emily saw what happened and took off running. The only way to get away from Rory was to run around the half-wall and back toward the door. Emily made it around the wall, but Rory had simply jumped over it again. The two stood facing each other again. Rory grabbed Emily again and threw her through the food case. The glass shattered as she flew through the case. Remarkably Emily managed to get through with only a few minor scratches.

The fighters now stood on opposite sides of the food case much like they had been befor the fight. Emily used the distance between them as a way of escaping for a moment. She ran further up the case toward the register. Rory came in hot pursuit. However, Emily was the first to reach the counter where the register sat. Emily picked up the register in an amazing show of strength.

Emily hurled the heavy register, with all her strength, toward Rory. Even with all her might, the register still never gained much momentum. Rory was able to catch the register with ease. Rory now stood holding the heavy register. Emily knew that if he wanted to throw it at her he could probably crush her without any problems.

Rory turned slightly and dropped the register at his side. He then took off sprinting toward the counter where Emily was standing. Emily took off running as well. She ran into the dinning area, hoping to a table or two between them.

Rory jumped the counter had headed into the dinning area after Emily. Emily had only managed to put on table between them, and these were small tables. The two played a little bit of musical chairs chasing after each other. Finally they stopped and eyed eachother. That's when Emily saw it. Rory had picked up a chair and was swinging it at her. It was too late to get away now so she just braced for the impact. The chair hit her so hard that fell to the ground almost uncountious.

Emily had started to stand up when Rory came around the table to finish the fight. As he came closer Emily clenched her fist tight and let lose with everything she had. It wasn't much but it worked. Emily punched Rory as hard as she could. She hit him directly in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. Rory slumped back into a chair behind him. Emily slipped back out of the dinning area to catch her breath.

To Be Continued...

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