DM9: All Things Must End

Rory sat in the chair watching Emily. Emily had moved out of the dinning area and was now leaning against the Salad Bar. She looked at her watch. Her lunch hour was almost over. She needed to end this fight quickly.

Emily decided to try a scare tactic she had learned many years ago. As calmly as she could Emily strolled up to Rory and said,

"I am the knight who says Ni."

Rory was outraged at Emily's odasity. He stood abruptly and started to chase Emily once again. Emily ran for all she was worth, but she only made it as far as the salad bar. Rory crashed into Emily's back and pushed her up on top of the Salad Bar. Rory then started to pull Emily all the way around the horse-shoe shaped bar. Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, and the always delicious Cheese Cake were sent flying everywhere. As they neared the end of the bar Rory let go of Emily and allowed her to slide off the end. Emily was covered from head to toe with food from the bar.

Rory had made his first real mistake. He had Emily right where he needed her, but he let her go. Emily was now several feet away from him and standing next to a perfect weapon. As Rory came closer to finish the fight Emily went on the attack. She turned and picked up one of the two large pots of hot soup that sat and the ends of the bar. Emily flung the soup at Rory's face as if she were tossing out some dirty dish water. The scalding soup splashed directly in his eyes. Rory screamed once more in pain. This burning liquid branded his face. The pain was unbeliveable.

It was time to end this fight. Emily knew she didn't have a chance before. Now that Rory was blinded, however, she had her chance. She wasn't going to fail this time. Emily ran over to the express lane and grabbed two plastic sacks. Then she ran back over to the crippled Rory and placed both sacks over his head. Again Rory couldn't breath.

Through the burning in his eyes and lungs, Rory tried to think. Once again he reached up for the plastic bag and began to rip a hole in it. But something was wrong. He had ripped the bag open yet he still could not breath. Panic took hold now. Rory stood up and began to run around franticly trying to break free from his sufficating hood. Emily held on tight and waited for the ride to end. As Rory ran about, he used more air, and he used it quicker. Soon everything began to grow dark for Rory. He felt himself slip under and he knew it was over.

Emily jumped back as the restless giant grew peaceful. She had won. However, victory is often short lived for those in deathmatches.

A single shot rang loud through the store. Emily grabbed her chest. She didn't seem to feel any pain, but as she pulled her hands away she saw the blood. The stores undercover cop had been watching the whole fight. He made the decision to allow the fight to continue. If anyone were to have lived, he would be there to finish them. Emily was the unlucky winner. The bullet had hit her chest and past through her lungs. She could tell that she would be dead soon. There was no need to call an ambulance. It wouldn't do any good. For some reason she began to think about how upset her boss would be by the mess she made, and that she would be coming back from lunch. She let herself fall uncountious. There was no need to fight it any longer.

The storm that had been raging outside started to clear. The sun was shining now. Customers would be coming soon. A cleaning crew went to work trying to fix up the store. Soon there would be no sign of what had just happened. No one would care. Two more victims of the Deathmatch.

Noone knows what happened, noone cares to know, and all things must come to an end.

The End.

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